Record Additional Cases, Making the Corona in Brazil Translucent 1 Million


The addition of the case Corona virus (COVID-19) in Brazil back memecehkan a record daily high. Authority Brazil reported more than 54 thousand new cases in a day.

Current total cases of Corona in Brazil has surpassed 1 million cases. Brazil is now in a position to-2 countries with cases COVID-the 19th largest in the world, after The United States (US).

As reported by Reuters and AFPSaturday (20/6/2020), the Ministry of Health of Brazil reported 54.771 new cases in the last 24 hours. A surge of cases recorded as additional case daily the highest in the country occurred on Friday (19/6) local time.

A surge in cases is due to the ‘instability’ in the system of reporting in the past week, which means there are some areas that reported data from a few days in one time.

The number of cases of infection with Corona virus in Brazil more than 1 million cases. Now Brazil has become the second state with the total cases of the virus Corona most in the world. (Photo: AP/Yesica Fisch)

With the surge of it, total case of Corona in Brazil has now reached 1.032.913 case. This figure was recorded as the total cases of Corona second largest in the world, after the U.S. with more than 2.2 million cases.

The ministry of Health of Brazil also reported 1.206 death in a day. Total deaths due to Corona virus in Brazil reached 48.954 people.


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