Reckya Madougou has not yet received a summons

Since the morning of February 23, 2021, several posts and messages on social networks report a supposed summons of Reckya Madougou by CRIET. Contacted by Banouto, the opponent says she has not yet received a summons.


Reckya Madougou, failed presidential candidate in April 2021

Reckya Madougou expected Thursday February 25, 2021 at CRIET? Difficult to answer in the affirmative for the time being. On social networks, in particular Facebook and WhatsApp, several posts and messages state that the candidate failed in the presidential election of April 2021 is summoned by the Court for the repression of economic offenses and terrorism (CRIET). According to these same channels, the opponent and candidate of the Democrats party must be heard by the special court on Thursday, February 25.

Contacted in the morning of Tuesday, February 23 by Banouto, the now ex-candidate for the next presidential election said that she had not yet received any summons. “I have not received any summons to date,” said the opponent who believes that these rumors could be a kind of “preparation of public opinion for that”.

Heard on Monday February 21 by CRIET, an official of the Democrats party is currently in custody at the Criminal Brigade (formerly the Economic and Financial Brigade). “I firmly oppose the treatment of Mr. Dramane Bio Tidjani,” wrote the opponent on Tuesday on his Facebook page. For the opponent, the arrest and then the custody of her close collaborator and deputy coordinator of the “Democrats” party in the 8th electoral district is a “tactic of intimidation and extortion”.

On Friday February 19, 2021, two leaders of the opposition formation were heard by CRIET. Vice-President Nourénou Atchadé is accused of having taken 50 million from a donor to obstruct the current electoral process. According to the jurisdiction, he would have received a party of this sum which he would have given to the treasurer of his party.

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