Received by the Minister of Health, the mayor of Montluçon evokes a “fruitful meeting” – RJFM Hits & News – Montluçon Allier Auvergne

05 October 2022

It was about the future of the pediatrics department at the Montluçon hospital center last night at the Ministry of Health. The mayor of Montluçon and chairman of the hospital supervisory board was received last night by the minister in person.

Three-quarters of an hour of interview during which Frédéric Laporte was able to explain the current situation and the fears it generated.

At the end, no major announcement, but the feeling of having been heard. The mayor of Montluçon was in our first live edition this morning.

Among the measures requested, the acceleration of deadlines for the certification of foreign associate practitioners, the maintenance of transitional measures for junior doctors or the obtaining of bonuses.

For its part, the Les Orphelins du Soins collective continues to inform and warn about a situation that remains very complicated. Today it claims 2,640 members.


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