Real Madrid: The double face of Madrid: The 31-year-old eleven on average or the 21.6-year-old?

The arrival of Camavinga reinforces the condition of the Real Madrid of being a double-sided team. A mixture of seniority and youth that would allow Ancelotti align two different eleven with ones 10 years difference in mean age. On the one hand you could put together a team of 31 years on average and on the other, one of barely 21.6 years on average.

Camavinga’s first day as a madridista: The 13 Champions, Hala Madrid and a kiss to the shield

This explosive mix can be seen line by line in the white set, where the italian coach You can pull players who exceed the 30-year-old barrier or, on the contrary, footballers who barely exceed 20. They are the two versions that you can handle Ancelotti, which will play with these two versions throughout the season depending on the needs.

The goal

The undisputed ownership is for Courtois, who to his 29 years goes through one of the best moments of his career and that, in addition, has rope for a while in the white team after his renewal until 2026. In the bedroom as second goalkeeper is Lunin, that their 22 years has established himself as the squire of the Belgian under sticks and that was a club bet, who signed him at the age of 18 in 2018.

The defense

The rear is the line that contributes the longest in the white squad, despite the fact that with the departure of Ramos I arrive Alaba to reduce the average age somewhat. On the one hand, Ancelotti could line up a defense of 30.5 years on average with Carvajal (29), Alaba (29), Nacho (31) and Marcelo (33). Very close to what could be the gala defense.

This was the signing and posing of Camavinga with the white shirt and the 13 European Cups

But there is another defense in which they started in the last game Militao (23) and Miguel Gutiérrez (20). If Ancelotti joined them with Vallejo (24) and Marvin (21), who already acted as right-hander with Zidane, the average age that Ancelotti would have in the rear would drop significantly to 22 years.


The most radical line in this double face of Madrid and that with Camavinga has become more evident. The historic trident Modric (36) commands the core, Casemiro (29) and Kroos (31), with an average 32 years. At the same time, Ancelotti could line up another midfield with Camavinga (18), Valverde (23) and Blanco (21) what would i have an average 12 years lower: 20.6.


Almost the same situation as in the medullary. Ancelotti can enjoy two fancy tridents with a spectacular age difference between the two. On the one hand, you can bet on three consecrated stars like Benzema (33), Bale (32) and Hazard (30) that give a special shine to the trident, beyond their performance together. An attack of 31.6 years on average.

On the other hand, within his offensive arsenal Ancelotti has a trident nine years younger and that is the heritage of Real Madrid for many years: Vinicius (21), Asensio (25) and Rodrygo (20). An attack of 22 years on average.


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