Real Madrid, the club that will receive the most aid due to the pandemic

The Higher Sports Council (CSD) will distribute almost eight million euros among the ACB clubs to alleviate the consequences of the pandemic in Spanish basketball. As published 2playbook, el Real Madrid will be the team that receives the most money, almost one million euros (989,041), followed by Barça (677,980) and Unicaja (609,849). In the queue are Coosur Betis (186,738), Fuenlabrada (204,836) and Acunsa Gipuzkoa (231,728).

For the moment, Movistar Estudiantes will not receive any type of aid for its debt with the Treasury, which amounts to 4.45 million. The CSD has reserved 371,623 euros for the collegiate club if it remedies the cause of its exclusion. If it is not done, this amount will be distributed proportionally among the rest of the clubs, according to the documentation presented.

The CSD has divided these eight million euros into two items, one intended for finance lost box office revenue and another, to face the health expenses. Madrid has received 800,000 euros in the first (the maximum) and 189,041 in the second, although it had valued its expenses (or losses) at more than three million euros. The CSD will spend almost 1.7 million between Madrid and Barça, which represents more than 20% of the total. Unicaja (609,849), Valencia Basket (516,210) and Bitci Baskonia (512,218) also exceed half a million euros.

According to the article by 2playbook, Hereda San Pablo Burgos has been one of the most affected teams. The Burgos team, who won the Intercontinental and the Champions League last season, has received 484,901 euros, despite the fact that it is the club that depends the most on its fans. It is the one with the most subscribers (about 8,000), the most average attendance in each game and estimates that approximately two-thirds of their income is related directly or indirectly with the capacity.


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