Real Madrid: Rodrygo: “If I have to choose a title in 2022… the World Cup”

Rodrygo took stock of the season so far and analyzed the future that awaits him in an interview with journalist Tatiana Mantovani, from TNT Brazil. The Real Madrid player is grateful to Ancelotti, remains convinced that he has room for improvement and has set going to the World Cup and winning it as his big goals for 2022.


“He has been very important. Since the preseason he has talked to me a lot. He has always helped me and I know I have to improve. I accept constructive criticism and he congratulates me if I do well. I know I will grow with him.”

Your coaches:

“All the coaches have taught me and I am grateful to all of them. It is my third season and I feel very prepared.”

Return with Brazil:

“It is very important for me to be with Brazil. It was a goal to return to Brazil. I think these games can define things and I hope to play and settle in the national team

Rodrygo in 2018:

“I was starting at Santos. When they eliminated Brazil against Belgium I was in Mexico, with Santos. I was very sad. And the coach said we are going to start training because the next World Cup is next door. My career was starting “.

Qatar Target:

“All Brazilians want to be in Qatar. I’m going to work to try to be there. If I play well I can have chances.”

Rodrygo, summoned with Brazil: “It’s a moment I was waiting for”

What aspects to improve:

“I can improve in all aspects. Score more and more goals, give more assists… Everything is going to help me to be in the Cup”.

Numbers: “Not used to setting challenges or data. Things come naturally”

Madrid, leader:

“When it comes to the Champions League, Madrid is among the favourites. Madrid always has to think about titles, mainly the Champions League”

Duel with PSG:

“This game could have come out a little later… They have some of the best players in the world, we know it’s difficult, but it’s a collective effort that will give us the chance to go through.”

Mster Champions:

“I have a bit of luck in this competition and I hope it continues in the final stretch.”


“Playing against Neymar will be special. It will be a special day to play against him. I hope Real Madrid wins.”


“Here we talk about Mbapp and many other players. He would be a very strong man for the competition. It would make me happy if he came, he would come to help.”

Rodrygo until 2025:

“My dream was always to play for Madrid and I don’t think about anything else. I want to continue for many years at Real Madrid”.

Vinicius, Rodrygo and Benzema:

“For me it’s very easy to play with people like that. Benzema’s intelligence makes it very easy for you and it’s an honor for me to be able to give Benzema an assist. I’m very happy to play for these two players”.


“I would like him to win a Ballon d’Or, but there are very good players here”

Modric, his father:

“We were talking and he found out that my father is only a year older than him. And since then, well, my father. It is a pleasure to play with him and we have a great relationship.”

If I had to choose a title in 2022:

“The world Cup”


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