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Real Madrid: On the bench and on the pitch

by drbyos

In the times of ‘Nuismo‘, a president who his successors have turned into a giant of the management, the’ soci ‘asked that the money was “in the field, not in the bank“. Jos Luis Nez, his name before passing through the kneeler, surely did not deserve such reproaches, since he signed “Quini, Schuster, Maradona“, as the song said, and then to Stoichkov, Koeman, Laudrup, Romario

and Ronaldo

, among others, and put them under the baton of


who only saved his neck after winning a Poisonous Cup against Madrid, and not precisely on the basis of


. Then the


, and his encore, and the story grew so much that today, three decades later, in some places they believe that Madrid is ‘Real’ because it finances the crown. They already know:

Fly Emirates, Adidas and Felipe VI

. Don’t be fooled! Three decades later, too, Bara goes to the fourth question while Madrid boasts of financial muscle. Without winning the Champions League since 2018 and in the midst of a pandemic, a stadium is being built halfway between the

Taj Mahal

and the


by Elon Musk. And maybe he will sign


, even at the expense of the employees’ Christmas basket, which is much worse than a


, where is it going to end. The difference between the two clubs is better reflected than in any other scenario in the

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European cup

, which both intend to upgrade to Superliga, with the Catalans at the mercy of the clemency of the


and Madrid comfortably in the second round. Because the money has to be in the bank before it goes down to the field, and maybe


it did not generate as much as we were led to believe. Someday the carpets will be lifted from his departure from the Camp Nou, but what is evident is that Bara got into his hands (and at his feet) and that, as he left, the only glimpse behind him was scorched earth. It is possible that Madrid will not win the Champions League. Today it is even possible that Bara will win it, with what the turra on values, DNA, La Masa, UNICEF, the game of position and the height of the lawn will reach pike dimensions. But, in any case, Madrid have the nerve to try again next season, because that’s what it’s about: not always getting there, but always staying. On the bench and in the field.

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