Real Madrid – Inter live: Champions League live

Very happy for the game and the result, we wanted to finish first to avoid stronger teams, although we know that when you pass, you have to win everything if you want to be champion. Surely finishing first is what we wanted, it’s the best. I feel very good, I think you don’t have to look at the years, I always say it, but at the performance, what you do on the field. The years are less and less noticeable, the careers are prolonged. I feel very good, as if I were under 30. The coach told us not to press ahead, that when they entered our field we would press something more. We did well on the cons and with the ball as well. We didn’t have possession in some moments, but we made chances. We made a great goal from Toni. Maybe we would like to have more possession, but the plan of the coach and we are happy. In the second part he told us to stay the same and if we could press something more, touch something else, get out a little more. We knew we would have chances, we scored another and we were able to score some more. Satisfied with the result and with finishing first. Barella reacted a bit ugly with Militao, Militao just wanted to protect the ball. Barella hit the wall, got angry and reacted badly, he shouldn’t do it, Militao didn’t want to hurt him. They are party things, sometimes they get hot. Everything is forgotten, we are all healthy, and that’s it. The Bernabéu has been a marvel, fans helped us a lot, they supported us from the beginning. I thank you”

Modric, Real Madrid player


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