Real Madrid | Estrella Ancelotti: 7 decisions for success at Real Madrid

NO Real Madrid returned from Riyadh happy after winning the Spanish Super Cup and exultant with Carlo Ancelotti, the man who is considered the great architect of this team that has won its first title in eighteen months, is leader in the League, continues in the Cup and faces the round of 16 without fear of PSG. “We have made few changes. (referring to Ancelotti and Alaba) but enough so that a winning climate is generated again”, commented Florentino Pérez himself in The beach bar just before returning to Spain. The Italian has achieved it with his personal touch, football sapience and far-reaching decisions that are having an effect…

Chameleon style

In Saudi Arabia, a debate, possession or counterattack was generated, which the club considers sterile. The entity and the template are with the idea of Carletto, What is it take advantage of the virtues of the team either in retreat and throwing counterattacks or having the ball. That Madrid, by the way, does not burn. Just one fact: in the League It is the fourth team that has the most possession, 58 percent. The idea of ​​being an unpredictable team likes the heavyweights. “There is no one single way to win…”, said Modric and Courtois in Arabia. As if that were not enough, Ancelotti reasoned an intelligent praise to the art of the counterattack: “In the third goal against Barça we arrived with six players in the area, not one, six, it’s not easy”.

Hábil ‘management’ …

Part of the dressing room already knew Ancelotti’s touch with the psychology of the footballer. This season has given examples again. He subtly punished Isco, without putting his finger on it in public, for his rebellion in Granada and calmed Ceballos’s nerves in Alcoy by giving him twenty minutes in the next game. Smiles and Italian humor as firewalls. Too a reinforced the role of secondary players like Lucas and Nacho, allowed Marcelo to appear in the photo of the Super Cup final and has favored a fair fight between Asensio and Rodrygo down the right wing. “They and the team benefit from that competition,” Ancelotti explained in Riyadh.

Ancelotti, preparing for the Super Cup final.

…But it doesn’t cut

This yes, in the club also has liked that the technician has shown his personality with two stars who are neither here nor expected: Hazard and Bale. In particular, that he tried to find ways to integrate the Belgian, even modifying the system, although it has been unsuccessful. Madrid appreciates that the Italian has not shaken his pulse with him and has left him without playing in the Super Cup. The Belgian did not have a minute in the two games in Saudi Arabia.

Another (and new) wall

If Real Madrid feared living without Ramos and Varane, Carletto quickly reassured them by developing a pair of guarantees with Militao and a recently signed player (Alaba) in record time. the transalpine has generated chemistry between them and has reinforced it with the best method, minutes together to get to know each other. Militao (2,634′) and Alaba (2,393′) are the outfield players who have played the most this season for a reason.

Ancelotti, with Modric, Casemiro y Benzema.

Benzema, without longing for Zizou

Carletto has managed to keep Karim from acknowledging the goodbye of his mentor and friend Zidane. It has made him strengthen his ties as a leader, as Vinicius’ teacher and even improve his numbers. The Frenchman has participated in 33 goals (24 goals and nine assists) in 27 games. Benzema is comfortable with the Italian and it shows.

He has raised ‘Vini’

If there is a footballer whose performance has multiplied exponentially with Ancelotti, it is the Brazilian. With his goal in the Riyadh Classic, he added his 15th goal this season, more than in the previous three and a half years. “It has exploded,” said the AS technician himself in December. From questioned with Zidane to star with Carletto.

The pintus effect

The physical condition of the squad allowed Madrid to play freshly in the Super Cup final after being beaten (with extra time) in the semi-final Classic. “Pintus is a genius”they say in the club. They talk about Real Madrid’s chief physical trainer, the Italian guru who has replaced Grégory Dupont, who was blamed for the plague of injuries in the squad. Some physical problems that have disappeared…


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