Real Madrid: Concern with Carvajal and Mendy

Ferland Mendy and Dani Carvajal worry Real Madrid. Carlo Ancelotti does not find the ideal full-backs for what the Italian wants. There are many who have gone through both bands, but without giving what the Madrid team needs. The return of one and the other is approaching, but injuries and relapses worry and from the club they want to maintain all possible caution. Both will be able to enter the

ready for the Champions match on October 19, but without taking any risk

. Mendy played his last league game on April 10. Against Barcelona precisely. Forced to play it because the French was already dragging annoyance.

He forced his leg back to the limit on May 5 to play against Chelsea

in the return of the Champions semi-final. The full-back knew the importance of the game and that is why he showed his face and did not mind playing and taking risks. The problem of


It starts due to a problem in the lower part of the tibia (tibial periostitis) as a result of a blow and that was dragging for a long time.

These annoyances led him to change the supports when running and even walking.

. This modification caused muscle discomfort and injuries, which began the soleus of the left leg and did not allow him to work at full capacity. Club and player decided to stop, as the


it could disappear with the long rest with the whole summer in between. The problem that the French has encountered is now mechanical, since now

their legs do not step or ‘work’ in the same proportion

And the consequence comes in the form of minor muscle discomfort.

Doctors seek balance in the tread

, when exerting force to avoid these problems. They think it is close to achieving it, but

They do not want me to play again until the French distributes the efforts well between the two legs

and from the back to the muscular discomfort. Hence, one day I worked with the group and another on the sidelines. His return in any case is drawing near.

Carvajal’s change of habits

In case of

Dani carvajal

is different, but also surrounded by

good news although with some unknown

What other. The winger has done everything he can to make sure that those injuries that have conditioned him in the last two seasons would disappear. His football is based on intensity and that can’t change it, but I know

He has changed many habits, both in and out of the dressing room.

In the last few months, the player

has visited different specialists

to adapt your


in case the problem comes that way, removing some foods from your diet,

examining other possible physical problems in detail

, has changed physio within the team, routines, ways of working, but the injury suffered against Valencia on September 19 (second of the season) has been an unexpected jug of cold water due to the hard work and effort that has gone into the last few months. His absence has caused Ancelotti to change his initial plans.

Nacho, Lucas Vzquez, Valverde and even the youth squad Santos have passed through the right side

. Carvajal is essential for both the technician and the club, as shown by the renewal until June 30, 2025.

The news for his return is positive and he will be able to return for the next Real Madrid games (Shakhtar and Barcelona), but always with caution and tranquility. His body and sensations will be the ones that mark the definitive return, but the truth is that the injury seems to be overcome.

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