Real Madrid and PSG do not forget a ‘crack’ of the Premier

Real Madrid and Paris Saint Germain have staged an unprecedented tug of war in football history this summer. The reason was the attempt to sign Kylian Mbappé, a soap opera that lasted during the last week of the market with the whites launching up to three offers that were rejected by the Parisian team.

It was not, however, too bitter a defeat for Real Madrid, and it is that as of January 1 Mbappé will be free to commit to the Real Madrid without Qatar having anything to say. Of course, next summer there could be a new confrontation between the ‘meringues’ and the French. For example, both clubs will try to sign Haaland

A star of the Premier, on the radar

The forward of the Borussia Dortmund might not be the only point of friction between Real Madrid and Paris Saint Germain in 2022. According to the Mirror, Mohammed Salah requires the Liverpool a significant salary increase to renew his contract, which ends in 2023. Also, The Sun ensures that both whites and Parisians are closely following the situation of the 29-year-old Egyptian.

Of course, this information must be taken with great caution. The plans of the Real Madrid pass by Mbappé and Haaland, and it doesn’t seem like Wrong be a viable alternative … at least, for now.

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