Real Life Rapunzel: Her Hair Is So Long Strangers Refuse To Believe Her Age

A two-year-old girl from Bromley, a town in south London, is compared to Rapunzel by the similarities between their very long hair. The little girl had already appeared in the headlines of the newspapers for the extension of her hair but now she surprised again. And it is that, when people cross her on the street and ask her mother her age, can’t believe the answer.

Dollie, as is the name of the protagonist of this story, is the daughter of Katie Canha, 34, who Mirror“class =” com-link “data-reactroot =” “> told the British newspaper Mirror that strangers on the street now continually compare their daughter to Rapunzel whenever they see her hair reaching down to her lower back.

Today the hair is below the waist

Dollie’s hair grows in such a way that Katie had to cut it for the first time when her daughter was only three months old. Nowadays, He spends almost half an hour every morning unraveling it.

“I’ve never seen a little girl with hair like this before. People always tell us that she is like a little Rapunzel because of the amount of hair she has. And then, when I tell them that he is only two years old, they cannot believe it, “said Katie in a statement to the aforementioned media. In that sense, he added: “They always think it is bigger because of its hair.”

Keeping it neat and knot-free is a job that requires a lot of effort for women. “Because of the type of hair it is, it tends to get tangled a lot,” he explained.

While brushing takes thirty minutes, washing takes about twenty, almost a full hour dedicated to hairAlthough Katie knows that her daughter enjoys the pampering session.

Her mother takes half an hour to comb her hair every morning
Her mother takes half an hour to comb her hair every morning

The mother of the little girl also said that if her daughter could get away with it, she would let everything loose. But that’s something she can’t allow: “I can’t let him have it loose all the time due to how much it gets tangled up, sometimes, it even gets things stuck”.

Katie has three more children: Archie, 12, Ellie, 9, and Sonnie, 1. None of them have hair as long as their sister Dollie.

The woman said that she often consults YouTube tutorials to do her daughter’s hairstyles. And apparently the girl makes it still a more pleasant experience by staying very still during the process.

Dollie had already made headlines for her thick hair when she was born
Dollie had already made headlines for her thick hair when she was born

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