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Real estate: these cities where your purchasing power has fallen the most!

by drbyos

In Le Mans, the studios have lost 4 m² since 2020

The sharp rise in housing prices in France is not without cut the real estate purchasing power of French households. Concretely, for the same amount borrowed, the area to which you are entitled tends to decline sharply, with regard to the number of m² that you could have offered yourself in 2020. According to the data that we have collected, it is the power of real estate purchase by buyers of a studio in Le Mans, which recorded the largest drop. Between today and 2020, for the same price, namely € 55,664, a studio in Manceau will see its surface area reduced by 17%, from 28 to … 24 m²! The second place in our ranking of cities whose inhabitants suffer from the greatest drop in their real estate purchasing power is occupied by Le Havre (- 14%). Judge for yourself, while in 2020, spending € 72,734 made it possible to become the owner of a 26 m² studio, the same amount only gives you the right to 23 m².

Finally, it is Orleans, which climbed to the third step of our podium with a surface area down 11%, passing – for a studio priced at 84,650 € – from 26 to 24 m². It is also interesting to note that real estate purchasing power also fell by 11% in Rennes, with the difference that only T5s were affected. For € 412,176, we could buy 127 m² in 2020 against only 115 m² a year later. Next (in 4th position) Montpellier where the surface of T5 – for the same price, namely 405,152 €, has lost 9% since 2020, going from 136 to 123 m² and – tied for 5th place – Annecy, Mulhouse and Toulouse, three cities where, at constant price, the surface area of ​​a T5 is reduced by 8% compared to last year.

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