React to the animated trailers of 2018


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  1. Oh, yeah, Duck Duck Goose existed. I completely forgot that film was a thing, and it seems everyone else did, too. But really, is anyone surprised? It looks so generic and bland, and doesn't have ANYTHING to make it stand out. Generic designs (it's literally just animals in "cartoony" CG), generic animation, generic plot, generic characters, etc. Whenever someone brings this movie up, I always think, "Oh, it's that movie with the duckling that sounds like a normal human woman. God, who thought that casting decision was a good idea?"
    My favorite animated movie of 2018 is Incredibles 2. (I haven't seen Spiderverse yet and I'm sad)

  2. When I first saw the trailers for 2018 I thought the same thing till I saw the trailer for spider verse and had my doubts on it because 1 it was made by Sony and 2 the story looked boring and predictable but I went to see it and it was a complete waste of my time

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