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RC Vannes. Leader again after victory at Montauban – RC Vannes

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Pro D2 (23rd day). Montauban – RC Vannes: 18-27

Without trembling, RC Vannes won in Montauban (18-27) this Friday evening, thanks to tests by Iachizzi, Popelin, Edwards and Beziat. A success that allows Jean-Noël Spitzer’s men to regain the lead in Pro D2 seven days from the end of the championship.

Outpaced in the standings since the day before by Perpignan, but undefeated for two months and necessarily eager to extend the so-called good series in progress, RC Vannes, braces himself first in defense under pressure from Montauban. Quickly deprived of the good and loyal services of Christopher Hilsenbeck, the Bretons, although leaning against the wind, do not really manage to put their game in place.

Montalbanese startle

Fortunately for them, two achievements almost in quick succession (by Iachizzi and Popelin, in the manner of Drew Mitchell formerly) do not contribute little to the radical reversal of the trend. It was the turn of the Montalbanais to be inhabited by doubt, like this penalty in good position missed by Bosviel shortly before the break due to a shot that was much too coiled.

It doesn’t take more for visitors to drive home the point. And this, following a key negotiated to perfection for the benefit of the attendant at the closure of the corridor propelled to lady like a spearhead. If the improved victory – three tries away – is virtually acquired at the break, however, remains to contain the inevitable burst of local. But, the Tarn-et-Garonnais will not achieve their ends, their vanguard crossing the fateful line only twice. Not enough, nor to compensate for the only attempt at Vannes in this second act (by Beziat), nor even only to gain the defensive bonus. More than ever, RC Vannes will have to be reckoned with for accession to the Top 14. Collective dimension obliges!

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Referees: Nicolas Datas assisted by MM. Boyer and Gharbi Tarchouna.

Points. RC Vannes: Practice, Iachizzi (23 ‘), Popelin (27’), Edwards (40 ‘), Beziat (59’); Penalty, Popelin (70 ‘); Transformations, Popelin (27 ‘, 40’). Montauban: Practice, Sayerse (62 ‘, 80’ + 3); Penalties, Bosviel (3 ‘, (50’); Transformations, Bosviel (62 ‘)

Yellow card. RC Vannes: Kité (80 ‘); Montauban: Rooms (53 ‘)

Score evolution: 0-3 ; 5-3 ; 12-3 ; 19- 3 ; 19-6 ; 24-6 ; 24-13 ; 27-13 ; 27-18.

MONTAUBAN : Klur (Puntous, 32-36)-Sayerse, Sage, Mathy (Puntous, 49 ‘), Salles; (o) Bosviel, Stirzaker (Graou, 55 ‘); Munoz (cap) (Loubière, 60 ‘), Augry (Vaotoa, mt), Stringer; Maninoa (Astier, 60), Sousa (Maninoa, 69 ‘); Vaotoa (Renaud, 60 ‘), Deligny (Tripier, 55’), Agnesi (Tailhades, mt).

RC VALVES: Curtis – Gratien, Holder, Rabut, Bly; (o) Hilsenbeck (Popelin, 11 ‘), (m) Saseras (Cazenave, 58’); Iachizzi (Marks, 36 ‘, then Picquette, 63), Edwards (cap), Picault (Bruni, 50’); Johnson, Picquette (O ‘Shea, 54’); Tafili (Kité, 50 ‘), Blanchard (Béziat, mt), Abraham (Phelipponeau, 50’).

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