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Rapper Weekend live im FZW

Fotocredit: FZW

The rapper Weekend grew up in Gelsenkirchen in the 90s and 00s and, long before he started writing texts himself, was the least popular thing you could be in school at that time: a rap fan. Somewhere between the blond boy, who has a little less coolness to add to the scales than is good for the ego, and a difficult young person who has dropped out of school and sees himself more at parties in the future, Weekend stumbles into friends at some point Microphone. Sold out concerts and an album at the top of the charts follow. After 2017 it will be quiet about the weekend.
After almost three years without a musical sign of life, the bad-tempered sunshine with the pronounced tendency towards charity is celebrating its comeback this summer. Where previously the collective superficialities of the rap world or one’s own inadequate fashion consciousness were its greatest enemies, Weekend 2020 is fighting against windmills that can be found in completely different places. Here comment column rambos are beaten with the weapons of love and physical arguments are neither won nor entered into. Weekend dissects round table stupid things with a razor-sharp power of observation and intolerance pulls the salon ability away from underfoot. In times when your favorite rappers actually prefer not to let their partner in their life cycle into the club on the weekend, the “long blonde with the shitty hairstyle” dares to saw common men’s clichés. In September 2020, the fourth studio album, “Lightwolf” Weekends, was released, which will be his first release after the long-term collaboration with Chimperator Productions on the recently self-founded label “ilovewochenende”. The simultaneously unique and contemporary productions come from the pen of the Stuttgart producer Friedrich van Zandt.
You can now experience the weekend live at the FZW and celebrate his comeback with him!

Weekend live @ FZW
Streaming – Show mit audience
a cooperation with the Studierendenwerk
When: 05.09.2021
Where: FZW – Dortmund
Start: 8:00 p.m.

News from: Daniel Nagy, 02.09.2021

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    General Puerto de Naos Highway 467



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