Rapper Andy Cartwright is dead: dismembered by his wife


Rapper Andy Cartwright is dead: he was dismembered by his wife in his St. Petersburg apartment. The musician was 29 years old

Rapper Andy Cartwright dies: he was dismembered by his wife (Photo: Facebook)

A heinous news story comes from Russia and concerns the death of rapper Andy Cartwright. Aleksandr Yushko, this is the real name of the thirty year old musician, was dismembered by his wife, Marina Kukha, in his apartment in St.Pietroburgo. Not only that, his organs were put in the washing machine to be “cleaned” before ending up straight in the refrigerator.

According to some Russian sources, too the mother of the Kukha she would have been involved in the horrible gesture.

The version shared by the woman is profoundly different. The 36-year-old said she used a knife, a hacksaw and a plastic bowl for divide the parts of the husband’s body and store it in black plastic bags in the refrigerator, for a specific reason. The man would die from a drug overdose, and her partner didn’t want fans to know about her drug addiction problems.

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Rapper Andy Cartwright is dead: his wife has dismembered and torn to pieces in the refrigerator

Rapper Andy Cartwright dies: he was dismembered by his wife (Photo: Getty)

Russian police have opened an investigation into the death of the Ukrainian-born rapper and decided to test his wife for truth.

The widow, through her lawyer, he said that Andy Cartwright had become an addict during the coronavirus pandemic, reducing to a very bad state. Just the last overdose would have been fatal.

Friends of the musician, But, have denied this version of the facts, bringing attention back to Ms. Kukha’s responsibilities.

In addition, the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda claimed that no drugs were found on the rapper’s body.

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