Rape of Palermo, the viral video of “The Beast of social media” on TikTok

Rape of Palermo, the viral video of “The Beast of social media” on TikTok

The terrible news story still at the center of comments and reflections on social media: the viral video of “The Beast of Social Media”.

Still talking about Palermo rapealso and above all on TikTok: the latest popular video is that of the well-known influencer “The beast of social media” (Lorenzo Tripi), who comments “Where was the State that night?”. A question that, probably, asked by many, who deem it almost impossible that in an area full of nightlife venues – such as the Foro Italico – an atrocity of this kind could happen.

His video already has hundreds of likes and commentsbut – more importantly – it represents the voice of many young people who ask the authorities to deal with the drama of violence, especially (but not only) against women.

Rape of Palermo, the viral video of “The Beast of social media”

“A girl raped by seven men. This sucks, we all agree,” the young tiktoker begins. Then the question, which has the sound of a denunciation or a cry for help to the institutions: “Where was the state that night and where it is today?”.

There was no check, there wasn’t a camera on or just a streetlight to shed some light,” says the 22-year-old. The rape in Palermo has awakened consciences, but for “The Beast of social media”: “We need to talk about these things first, to prevent them, not discuss them later, when the disasters have already occurred”.

“We need a change of mentality that starts from the top”. And to his peers, however, the tiktoker says: “Guys, when we are told a ‘no’, we must respect it. And the only thing to do when you’re with a drunk girl is take her home“.

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Image and video source: TikTok


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