Rape of Palermo, the hypothesis of the sold film. «I only send the video to whoever I have to, then I delete everything»

Rape of Palermo, the hypothesis of the sold film.  «I only send the video to whoever I have to, then I delete everything»

Rape Of Palermo, new interceptions emerge. Decisive the video filmed during the rape of the girl. In fact, in the hours following the rape, he was only concerned with the video he had shot during the violence. “I’m eliminating them all,” he said to a friend, Angelo Flores, the leader of the pack who, on the night of July 7, abused the 19-year-old Palermitan. In chat intercepted by the carabinieri after the victim’s complaint, who immediately mentioned his name, Flores reassured a friend of his own age to whom he had told details of the evening.

Rape of Palermo, the chats

“Be careful. Doesn’t it appear that you raped her?» asks the interlocutor. “But in fact now I’m deleting them – he replies -, I’m only sending them to whoever I was supposed to send them and I’m deleting them”. The Corriere della Sera reports it.

Rape of Palermo, the minor returns to prison. Videos in the community: «Everyone wants me, beautiful things are done with friends»


A phrase that has attracted the attention of investigators. Who are the people to whom Angelo was supposed to shoot the video that frames him and which allowed the carabinieri to identify all of his accomplices? And why should he disseminate images that have become the main evidence of his guilt? The intention of the suspect, who ended up in the cell with the rest of the gang, was to show the video for brag about his deeds or was there something else? Among the answers there is one which, if proven, would make the matter even more serious. Perhaps, the leader of the pack wanted to post the footage on the net to make money. However, the investigators are certain that the film of the abuses, on which a hunt has been unleashed on social media, has been shared. The investigation must clarify now with whom. Certainly, perhaps due to an excess of security – he probably ruled out that the victim would have denounced him – Angelo didn’t cancel it. The carabinieri found it in his cell phone.

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Fifteen minutes of horror that belie the pack’s defensive thesis, entirely centered on the victim’s consent, and allow the roles of each suspect to be reconstructed. There is Flores, “the friend” who approaches Francesca in the club and convinces her to follow him, the pack leader who flaunts a grim air and tattoos, listens to the trap and quotes the lines of “Boys out”, the film about a group of young criminals coming out of reform school. There is Gabriele Di Trapani, the air of a child who poses as a grown-up and a passion for Palermo. He is the one to ask the local barman about get the victim drunk: «Make her drink and then we’ll take care of it», he would have said. Then there is the youngest of the group, who turned 18 a few days after the violence. He shows no sign of repentance, claims the investigating judge who, after his release in recent weeks, had him re-arrested because he had started posting provocative sentences on TikTok. And again Samuele La Grassa, who always takes pictures of himself with a hat and sunglasses and lives in Brancaccio, the neighborhood of the Graviano bosses.

Rape of Palermo, the horror video in a telephone hidden underground


In the video he stands aside, but looks at his friends and doesn’t lift a finger to help Francesca. La Grassa is a great friend of Elio Arnao, of his own neighborhood. Twenty years old, he loves fast cars and the Palermo team. “Don’t make the good guys angry, they are worse than the bad guys”, his motto on Fb. Arnao and La Grassa discuss the film of the rape, not knowing they are being intercepted. Learning that Flores had ended up in jail, the two speak cryptically. «But then you write it to me on WhatsApp where did you put the phone?» asks Samuele. “He Was under… he was in a warehouse somewhere underground. I told you, you must always have something hidden», replies Elio. The investigators are questioning the meaning of the sentence. The group also includes Christian Maronia, the most violent of the seven. He wears Prada, shows off his muscles on social media, but bursts into tears in front of the investigating judge. Unlike Christian Barone, piercings, flashy glasses, designer clothes, the only one who chooses not to answer to the magistrate.

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