Rampage in Heidelberg: young woman died after being shot in the head (update) – news from Heidelberg

Heidelberg. (pol/mare) There was a killing spree in Neuenheimer Feld on Monday afternoon. That’s what the police say. A woman succumbed to her injuries and three other people are injured. The attacker is said to have killed himself.

According to current knowledge, the perpetrator is said to have shot around with a long gun during a lecture in a lecture hall at the university in Neuenheimer Feld, injuring four people, some seriously. A young woman succumbed to her injuries a few hours after the crime. The perpetrator shot her in the head, according to security sources.

The perpetrator fled outside. He is said to have had a backpack with other weapons with him and is said to have finally shot himself. The gunman is said to have been a student himself. According to initial findings, the man had no political or religious motives, according to security circles. The police said he was a lone gunman.

A citizen hotline for relatives has been set up: Telephone 0621/1745055.

Students were stunned. “We are infinitely shocked. This is a catastrophe that eludes everything conceivable between lectures, exams and university life,” said Peter Abelmann, chairman of the student body.

The news of the killing spree spread like wildfire among the students, said Abelmann. Some would have reported directly about the crime via messenger services. The student body’s thoughts are with those affected.

The crime took place in a building in the botanical garden. The entire area was searched with special forces to ensure that there was no second perpetrator. However, the police did not assume an accomplice. The police have now finally given the all-clear.

Rampage in Neuenheimer Feld in Heidelberg – the photo gallery

The Neuenheim field was cordoned off. Around 3:15 p.m., the police confirmed that the man was a lone gunman. “Currently there is no longer any danger.”

The on-site investigations are in full swing. The police asked motorists to drive around the site so that emergency services can travel freely. A police helicopter circles over Neuenheimer Feld and Bergheim.

Bundestag member Franziska Brantner (Greens) commented on the killing spree: “Today I was shocked to hear about the shots fired in Neuenheimer Feld in Heidelberg,” she wrote in a press release. They hope for a complete clarification of the fact. “I would like to thank the emergency and rescue services for their work.” She expressed her condolences to all those affected.

Baden-Württemberg’s Science Minister Theresia Bauer (Greens) was on her way to the crime scene in the afternoon. A spokeswoman for the ministry said that she first met with university rector Bernhard Eitel and now wanted to see for herself. She was shocked: “I’m horrified. It leaves you speechless when innocent young people have to experience something like this in university operations. My thoughts are with those who were injured and affected. I really wish that recovery will come soon .”

Update: Monday, January 24, 2022 at 5:10 p.m

Editor’s note: Do you have suicidal thoughts or have you noticed them in a relative/acquaintance? The telephone counseling service offers help: Anonymous advice is available around the clock on the free numbers 0800/1110111 and 0800/1110222 as well as 116123. Advice via the Internet is also possible at http://www.telefonseelsorge.de.

A list of nationwide help centers can be found on the website of the German Society for Suicide Prevention: https://www.suizidprophylaxe.de/hilfsangebote/adressen/


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