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Railway companies expand 3G controls
Local train at Heilbronn main station: 3G applies on buses and trains. According to the railway company, there are more controls. Photo: Archive / Berger Image: Berger

Region Deutsche Bahn has announced that it will expand 3G controls in local transport. The private competition of Go-Ahead and Abellio is predominantly active in the region. These companies also announced that vaccination or test evidence will be checked. Go-Ahead has hired a private security service.

from Alexander Hettich, Adrian Hoffmann

Since Wednesday, the so-called customer advisors at DB – the conductors – have been checking tickets to see whether the passengers have been vaccinated, recovered or tested (3G). So far, it was mainly the security staff in local transport that had done this. However, it will remain with random checks, informs the railway. The company Abellio, which operates on the Frankenbahn between Stuttgart, Heilbronn, Osterburken and Mannheim, proceeds in a similar way. Staff making tickets


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