Rai license fee: you can stop paying it and ask for a refund

Those who comply with certain requirements can be exempted from paying the Rai fee and receive a refund if unnecessary payments have already been made

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The TV feecommonly known as Rai license feeis a tax that must be paid by the owners of equipment that make it possible to enjoy television programs by receiving digital terrestrial or satellite signals.

This definition includes i televisions, but also some other devices that we will see shortly. Since 2016, the Rai license fee has been paid directly with the bill of light and has an annual cost of 90 €. However, not everyone has to spend this money and someone is also entitled to a refund. However, the circumstances in which this can happen are very specific and it is important to know them before making your request. Who is exempt from paying the Rai license fee? Let’s go and find out.

Who is exempt from paying the Rai license fee

As mentioned, the payment of the Rai license fee is obligatory for all those who own a television or other device capable of receiving digital terrestrial or satellite signals. The legislation that entered into force in 2016 introduced the concept of “presumption of possession of the television set“. In other words, it is assumed that anyone who receives a supply of electricity is also in possession of a television.

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This is not always true. Anyone who does not have a television must send an application to theRevenue Agency in which he declares that he does not have a device capable of receiving or decoding the satellite / digital terrestrial signal. It is not necessary to do this for any second home, because the “presumption of ownership of the television set” only applies to the first home owned.

Who does not have a TV and just follows the programs on a computer, smartphone or tablet is always exempt from paying the Rai fee? It depends. If the use of television broadcasts takes place only and exclusively through the Internet connection, the payment of the tax is not foreseen. It is, however, if they are connected to the computer USB sticks, cards or decoders that make it possible to tune into radio and television.

There are other cases in which exemption from the payment of the Rai fee can be requested, but they are much more restricted. For example, those aged equal to or over are excluded from the tax 75 years old and an income that does not exceed i 6.713,98 euro. Even the diplomatic agents e i officials of an international organization do not have to pay the Rai license fee. The same goes for consular officers and / or employees, as required by Article 49 of the Vienna Convention. In general, everyone the diplomats and the foreign military they are exempt from the tax.

Anyone who falls within one of the cases listed can send a request for exemption to the Revenue Agency. The appropriate forms to be filled in are available WHO.

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Those who fall into one of the cases listed in the article, but have already paid the fee because they were not aware of the possibility of being exempted, can request a refund from the Revenue Agency. This also applies to those who have already paid the tax in ways other than charging the bill or in the event that the fee has been charged a second time (on an electricity user in the name of another member of the personal data family).

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