Raf Simons asks for $1,050 USD “skeletal jewelry” is officially on sale

Raf Simons Announced at the end of March 2021 autumn and winter men’s and women’s seriesWith neutral, Oversize and other elements as the main axis, there are not too many extravagant and cumbersome elements to embellish, but there is a calm and full of grace. The bone accessories are particularly eye-catching, and they can be easily wrapped around the large-size sleeves at the cuffs. This results in a natural and smooth wrinkled appearance.

This time it finally ushered in the shelf information of this bone jewelry. The whole is made of brass. The polished technology is used to give a smooth and detailed design, and it is injected with classic black, purple, green, yellow, pink, and blue. Vivid colors such as bright colors set off the clothing, and it is also suitable to be worn alone, with a gravure Raf Simons logo on the inside to highlight your identity. This purple skeletal jewelry is now available in designated retail stores such as Machine-A. The suggested price is $1,050. Interested readers may wish to pay more attention.

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