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Raditya Oloan Experiencing Cytokine Storm, Joanna Alexandra Does Not Lose Hope

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TEMPO.CO, JakartaJoanna Alexandra shared the latest condition of her husband, Raditya Oloan. According to her, at this time, her husband was still in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Friendship Hospital, East Jakarta and was put to sleep by the doctor because he was still using a ventilator.

“His condition is post-covid with comorbid asthma, and he is experiencing a cytokine storm that causes hyperinflammation (inflammation) all over his body … plus there is a fairly strong bacterial infection (but not as strong as our Father of course!),” He wrote on his Instagram account. when uploading her photo with her husband when healthy, Tuesday, May 4, 2021.

Patients infected with COVID-19 and even influenza can die from an overreaction of the so-called immune system cytokine storms. Cytokines are small proteins released by many different cells in the body, including the immune system, where they coordinate the response to infection. The overreaction eventually triggers inflammation.

In some patients, excessive or uncontrolled levels of cytokines then activate more immune cells, resulting in hyperinflammation. In the end, a cytokine storm can harm or even kill the patient.

Actress Joanna Alexandra reported that the condition of her husband Raditya Oloan, an actor who is now a pastor is very critical and is being treated at the Friendship Hospital. Instagram.com

In addition to the cytokine storm, said Joanna who explained that her husband was already negative for Covid-19, currently Radit is doing CVVH because his kidneys are not functioning properly. CVVH is a form of CRRT or Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy), a form of therapy to replace kidney function.

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“So, if Would you like to join me in prayer, please, a few prayer points: pray for the platelet count to go up, now it’s really low, praying that the blood of Jesus continues to flow through this CVVH process and continues to purify his body, pray for the infection to stop, pray that this cytokine storm will calm down, as well as pray for me and my family, to stay in God’s love, because His perfect love casts out fear! ”he wrote hopefully.

Joanna, who met Radit when both starred in the film School Endnotes This also hopes that the prayers offered by its followers will not stop and become even louder. “We don’t lose hope, we keep our faith! ”He said.

Raditya Oloan previously tested positive for Covid-19. The condition of the former actor who is now a pastor is getting worse until he has to be transferred to the Friendship Hospital from previously being treated at the Athlete House together with Joanna Alexandra, her three children, and her household assistant.

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