Quotidien, Gaumont, Luc Besson … intend to go to justice

Lhe far-right polemicist Eric Zemmour announced his candidacy for the presidency of the French Republic on Tuesday at noon, via a video posted on YouTube. In it, he praises the France of the past, that of Joan of Arc, Johanny Hallyday, General de Gaulle … and vilifies immigration, Islamo-leftism … And to back up his words, he uses extracts from films, reports.

Yes, but now, he did not ask for authorization from the rights holders, and that could cost him dearly. The Gaumont film company thus affirmed “reserve the right to initiate proceedings“.

The Daily show announced its intention to bring the case to justice. The money we receive from Zemmour will be donated to associations that help migrants“, explained the host Yann Barthès live.”But who made this clip ?, he asks himself, broken arms. The clip is riddled with stolen snippets from JT, reports, sets and even movies stolen from YouTube. And worse for the wallet, they stole a Champions League match“.

France Télévisions, Ina and Radio France have declared that “Eric Zemmour should pay the rights to the images taken like everyone else“.

And they are not the only ones thinking about what to do next.

Asked in the TF1 television news about the controversy, Eric Zemmour replied: “I don’t take care of that“talking about”legal disputes“.

Still, it could cost him dearly. As explained by France Inter, who interviewed a lawyer, “when it comes to copyright, you always need a written agreement“. In addition, there is also a question of image rights for the people shown in the videos.”You must always ask for the consent of the person whose image is used to be able to reproduce it, it is mandatory “, explains lawyer Camille Mogan to France Inter.

In the Obs, Benjamin Montels, specialist in intellectual property law and digital and communications law, speaks of a “infringement of the economic rights of author and an attack on moral rights since this integration (film extracts) can be considered as distorting the author’s message “. Luc Besson, director and screenwriter of the film Joan of Arc, whose images were used, announced to AFP that he had seized his lawyer “to initiate the necessary proceedings”.

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Contacted by France Inter, the spokesperson for Eric Zemmour speaks of the right of “short quotation”. It is indeed an exception to copyright, the conditions of which are according to the Scam website (Civil society of multimedia authors) :

– The cited work must have been lawfully published;
– The quotation must conform to the honest practices of the profession;
– It must take place for the purpose of criticism, controversy, teaching or within the framework of scientific research;
– The name of the author and the source must be mentioned unless this is not possible.

And the passage reproduced must be short and concise“.

That doesn’t seem to apply to Eric Zemmour’s campaign clip, then. A political clip being of a “commercial” nature.

With his video, the far-right candidate is therefore exposed to many legal actions.

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