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The association “Les Amis de Saint-Étienne-de-Florac et de la Vallée d’Alric” held its traditional festive day by immediately focusing on economic, social and cultural history. The Puylaurentais was, at the end of the 19th century, the scene of a particularly innovative project for that time: the electrification of the En Guibaud domain and its metairies, by means of a private hydroelectric plant, built to the first time in France, in order to move all the agricultural equipment. This will earn its designer the Gold medal at the 1900 Universal Exhibition. This is what a group of 50 people discovered, step by step, by hiking from the Alric valley to the Domaine d’En Guibaud, under the aegis of Madame Nogarède. The conference, given in the orangery opened by Mr. and Mrs. Chombard, was greatly appreciated by an audience attentive both to historical and societal facts and to the technical prowess developed by the precursors of electricity. Back at the church of Saint Étienne-de-Florac, the group refreshed and restored themselves, before engaging in an exercise of a different type: that of listening to tales from here and elsewhere. , from yesterday and today, tales told in a tasty and invigorating way by storytellers from Revel’s “Mots et Merveilles” association. They have, for an afternoon, been immersed in fantastic universes. Throughout the day, the church housed a presentation of paintings, with different styles of painting proposed by three local artists and “the exhibition of small country churches” carried out by the association. Note that it was created in 1989 to restore and safeguard the original Romanesque church of Saint Étienne-de-Florac. She continues her work today by offering events likely to make her known and appreciated. Website : lesamisdelavalleedalric.org.


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