Putin and Lukashenko agreed on “union” programs

Putin and Lukashenko talked in the Kremlin for more than three hours

All 28 programs are aimed at unifying the legislation of Russia and Belarus in various fields, the President of the Russian Federation noted.

Russia and Belarus have agreed on 28 union programs of the two states. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin following the results of three-hour talks with Alexander Lukashenko, informs press service of the Kremlin on Thursday, 9 September.

“Today I would like to note with satisfaction that all 28 programs have been coordinated,” the Russian leader said.

He recalled that for several years energetic work had been carried out on a package of documents to further deepen the integration processes between Russia and Belarus.

“We are talking about 28 so-called union programs, which are aimed at unifying the legislation of Russia and Belarus in various areas of the economy, at leveling the operating conditions of economic entities of the two countries, building common financial and energy markets, transport space, forming and implementing a common industrial and agricultural policy. “, – Putin explained.

He said that tomorrow it is planned to approve them at a meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Union State in Minsk.

“After which they will be submitted for approval by the Supreme State Council of the Union State, whose meeting is planned to be held before the end of this year. We agreed with Alexander Grigorievich, now we will look at our schedules and determine a more or less exact date,” the Russian president added.

In turn, Lukashenko at a press conference after talks with Putin said that the integration of the Russian Federation and Belarus is extremely mutually beneficial, all programs are aimed at increasing the well-being of the peoples of the two countries.

“It’s time to ask our critics in Belarus, who are very many – both fugitives and the so-called oppositionists living in Belarus, criticizing me and the authorities, shouting. So I want to ask them, and I want to ask the critics of our integration in Russia: where are you see the weight on the leg of the Russian Federation? There is nothing bad for the peoples of Belarus and Russia in these programs and could not be. Everything is aimed at increasing the well-being of our peoples. And we must put an end to all these conversations – our integration is extremely mutually beneficial “, – Lukashenka assured.

Recall Belarus expects Russia to supply aircraft, helicopters and air defense equipment. This was stated by Lukashenka during a conversation with journalists.

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