“Push them in to get your head out of the water”

With the approach of a capital match in the race to maintain against AS Nancy-Lorraine, Kevin Rocheteau hopes that USL Dunkirk will succeed in gaining the upper hand on the red lantern to finally launch its season.

His physical condition

“I think I’m 100% despite the small injury that bothered me at the start of the season. I come back well, I work well, I have no more pain, I manage to follow the workouts without hurting. I now have two matches in my legs, I’ll be able to do it and I think I’m ready to do 90 minutes. “

The state of the group at the start of the season

“It’s clear that this is a very bad series. We have not yet won so necessarily, it touches us a little. Despite everything, I feel the group is really united and that is the most important. Nobody lets go and will not let go. It is important to finally have this first victory which would finally launch our season. The new ones bring a little freshness, have integrated well. The Lens match helped us to get everyone to play to have benchmarks with the new ones and it went well. “

Kévin Rocheteau (USL Dunkerque): “There is everything to have a good season”

The importance of Nancy

“It’s a team that will not give up, even if they are in difficulty too. We expect a very, very hard game. In the duels, it will be necessary to be present, to gain the upper hand on the other team. It’s up to us to push them in a little more to get our heads out of the water. It would start the season but the most important thing is to have the three points and win matches. This is what is missing right now. The most important is victory. “

Source : USL Dunkirk

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