Purgatory movie trailer

Purgatory movie trailer

This is the trailer I made for the TV movie Purgatory.


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  1. @goodmusic37 As far as I know, they don't usually release soundtrack CD's for made for tv movies. You might could look it up on TNT network's official website. I think they archive all their original movies there, or at least they used to.

  2. @bkcotton98 They weren't allowed to shoot or fight either. The men who took on the bad guys did it believing that they were forfeiting their own souls by engaging in violence but they were determined to save the lives of their friends. The conditions of Purgatory were that if you died before your sentence was finished, you got sent to hell, even if it wasn't your fault. Of course, by sacrificing not only their lives but their souls, the bad-turned-good guys qualify for sainthood.

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