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NEW CEO: Elon Musk has promised to be open about Twitter’s past and present actions around censorship.

Twitter stopped sharing a story about Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden that the New York Post published just before the 2020 election. Now journalist Matt Taibbi is publishing internal revelations.


It’s happening with Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s cheering and blessing. Earlier on Friday, Musk wrote on Twitter that he would publish the details of what he describes as the secrecy of a controversial news item.

The background is the New York Post, which at the time were supporters of sitting President Donald Trump, and their publication of a case about Hunter Biden and his laptop. In e-mails from Hunter Biden’s laptop, it appears that he introduced his father Joe Biden, then vice president, to a top executive in a Ukrainian energy company. This happened less than a year before Biden allegedly put pressure on Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who was investigating this company.

Twitter initially held back the dissemination of the case because it was suspected that it came as a result of hacking and foreign interference in the election in the United States, writes Business Insider.

The narrative about a corrupt relationship between Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden and Ukraine is something the Russians are said to have started as early as 2014.

Read more about foreign interference in the US election here!

FATHER AND SON: Joe Biden with his son Hunter in Massachusetts at the end of November.

Taibbi writes that he refers from thousands of internal documents that he has obtained from internal sources in the company. He writes that Twitter’s system for controlling and censoring messages eventually became very unbalanced. Since the vast majority of employees at Twitter tended to be Democrat voters.

– It was based on contacts. Since Twitter overwhelmingly had and still has employees who have a political view, more channels were opened for leftists than for rightists, writes Taibbi.

He nevertheless writes that, despite access to all the documents, he has not yet seen any evidence that there was pressure from the authorities to withhold the Hunter Biden case.

Taibbi writes that the decision was made at a high level in the company, but without CEO Jack Dorsey knowing anything about it.

Taibbi points to Twitter’s chief legal officer, Vijaya Gadde, to be central to the process.

– Hacking was the excuse, but within a short time people quickly realized that it wasn’t going to last. Nevertheless, no one had the “guts” to reverse the decision, says an unnamed Twitter source according to Taibbi.

He refers to several people who question the decision internally at Twitter.



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