PSU, Songkhla Nakarin University Beat La-ngu Merchants Club 5-4, collect 3 points, qualify for the final round of Air sea Land.

On August 17, 65, at the 18 million viewpoint, Ban Pak Bara, Koh Lipe Pier, La-ngu District, Satun Province, there was a beach football match at the 2 ocean sports tourism event “Air sea Land Southern Sports Tourism Festival 2022”. by Ministry of Tourism and Sports, National Sports Development Fund, Sports Association, Satun Province, Satun Province, with the Association of Sports Journalists Online, CR7 GOLD, Had Thip Company Limited, Ministry of Public Health

The interesting pair is a competition in Sai Dee, the La-ngu Merchant Club team and the PSU team, Songkla Nakarin University. Both teams lost in the first match, but the PSU Songkhla Nakarin team Losing more scores than losing to the Satun Jellyfish team 1-7, the goal was conceded as a secondary. need to win only one place In which this game in the first two periods, the PSU team always trails behind, but the last period is chased from the score 2-4 behind Wankla Kwankaew, the team manager, solved the game, bringing the team back to an incredible 5-4 win, collecting 3 points from 2 matches. Qualified for the next 8 teams to be the second of the line by going to meet Sanfan La-ngu Pittayakom team defeated Manang FC 5-2 Entrepreneur team La-ngu Pittayakom team defeated City FC 5-4 Team Gen Stadium defeated Satun Power State team diem

Program for the 8th round of teams on August 18, 65, the first pair, Cadenza – Piyasilp team by Pak Nam Subdistrict Administrative Organization with a full team of national team officers, meeting the Satun Power Stadium team, the second pair, Team Genste Diem meets Sanfan La-ngu Pittayakom team
The third match, La-ngu Pittayakhom team meets PSU, Songkhla Nakarin University, the fourth pair, Satun Jellyfish, meets the Old Man Club, starting the first pair at 2 PM.

And on August 19, 65 will be the semi-finals, third place and final. After the competition is finished, there will be a closing ceremony and awards for the 1st-3rd team as well.


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