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The mask regime in public places must be supplemented by the obligatory wearing of gloves, said Governor Mikhail Vedernikov. He promised that for residents of the region they will prepare recommendations on when and what gloves to use.

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The authorities of the Pskov region, in addition to the mandatory wearing of protective masks in public places, intend to oblige residents of the region to wear gloves. About this at a meeting of the operational headquarters to combat the spread of coronavirus infection declared Governor Mikhail Vedernikov.

He recalled the meeting with the heads of the Russian regions, the participants of which discussed the introduction of the mask regime, and suggested thinking about adding a “glove mode” in transport and public places.

In the suburbs decided to introduce the mandatory wearing of masks

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Vedernikov instructed the regional department of Rospotrebnadzor to develop appropriate recommendations so that people understand when to use gloves. “We will explain what medical gloves are, what household gloves are. How one or the other helps to defend oneself – are there sterile surgical ones, there are non-sterile ones … So that everyone understands for himself when and which ones to use, ”said the head of the region.

Wear gloves in crowded areas recommended and residents of the Moscow region following a meeting of Governor Andrei Vorobyov with heads of municipalities.

At a headquarters meeting, Vedernikov also said that the Pskov region was one of the first to introduce a mask regime, while some regions were just starting to apply this measure. Residents of the area obliged wear masks, respirators and other textile products that provide individual respiratory protection (scarves, scarves, etc.), at work, on the street, in public transport from April 13. In the Moscow region, a mandatory mask regime will enter into force from May 12, before this restriction is advisory in nature. Residents of Bashkiria, Kaluga, Ivanovo, Samara, Rostov and Sverdlovsk regions, Krasnodar and Primorsky territories should also wear masks.

The government lifted the ban on the export of medical masks from Russia

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Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov in mid-April declaredthat the production of medical masks in Russia increased to 8 million pieces per day. The department also allowedthat they can issue a normative act, according to which pharmacies will have to have not only medical, but hygienic masks.

As of May 5, according to Vedernikov, coronavirus infection in the Pskov region was confirmed in 252 residents. Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 155 thousand people have been diagnosed with the disease throughout Russia.

The spread of coronavirus Covid-19 in the regions of Russia

Number of confirmed cases of infection

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