PS5: Release continues in 2020 – Sony makes official statement

Sony has now officially confirmed the release of the PS5 in 2020. The manufacturer of the rumors about a postponement of the next-gen console is thus invalidated.

  • The Playstation 5 should the Successor console the Playstation 4.
  • Many rumors of the Fans tend to the Next-gen console from Sony, to which numerous Leaks became known.
  • As part of a Annual report confirmed Sony now again the Release 2020 – in spite of Corona virus.

Tokyo, Japan – Many thousands excited Sony fans have been waiting for them for months Next-gen console
Playstation 5, about which not much is known. In addition to leaks, which you should not put your full trust in, expressed themselves Sony only very limited to Playstation 5. The design of the new was already PS5 controller published, but not that of console themselves and so they speculateFans continue. In the past, there were always rumors about one possible one Release in late 2020. Also Sony already confirmed this period as the target. In a recently published Annual report of the gaming company Tokyo it has now become known that the console in spite of Corona virus as planned end 2020 should appear.

Name of the console

Playstation5 (PS5)


Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)


stationary game console


9th generation of consoles

Storage medium



probably in late 2020

Playstation 5: Sony annual report reveals that Corona will not affect release 2020

The Annual report from Sony for the recently closed fiscal year, one can see that thePlaystation 5who have direct competition for the Xbox Series X represents, scheduled end 2020 should appear. In spite of Corona virus there should have been no delays that were so bad that the Release the Next-gen console had to be put off. The Sony fans can breathe easy. in the Annual report it is mentioned that the Corona virus the practical tests on the hardware of the Playstation 5 and has given employees a challenge by working in their home office and still does Corona virus however no effect on the Release the console entails.

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Further from Sony based in Tokyo reports that the in-house first party studios and partner studios also had no major problems and that developments could and can therefore proceed as normal as possible. In the following section from the official annual report of Sony you can read again that the Release the Playstation 5 actually end 2020 should take place what the Fans probably very calm:

“Regarding the start of the PlayStation 5 has the development with the planned start of the console for the holiday season 2020 Progress has been made, although factors such as employees working from home and restrictions in international air traffic have brought with it some challenges in terms of internal testing processes and the qualification of production lines. At this point are for the development of game software for the Sony studios from first-party vendors or its partner’s studios. “

In a business report, Sony now confirms a release of the Playstation in late 2020, despite the corona virus. So fans can breathe easy.

© Sony / Montage

Playstation 5: Playstation 5 release again confirmed by Sony at the end of 2020

Sony fans According to this statement, there is no need for one Release fear this year. Still is 2020 still long and therefore a lot can still happen. One can only hope that the Japanese game company is out Tokyo continues to hold the reins and is in an exceptional situation – like that of the Corona virus – not too restrictive and the first announced on Twitter Release period the Next-gen console Playstation 5 in the fourth quarter 2020 can adhere to. The first online shops are now listing the Playstation 5 with unbelievable prices, while the other large game developer from Japan, Square Enix, apparently wants to profit from the corona situation with face masks. Apart from that, the third major Japanese game manufacturer Nintendo is suspected by a US talk show to have caused the corona virus. What is going on in Japan? In contrast, the PS5 is to be introduced at Fortnite at Fortnite.

Rubric list picture: © Sony / Montage

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