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An extensive list of video games went on sale until September 29 and here we detail some of the most sought after.

PS Store launches discounts on more than 200 games

Sony tends to treat PlayStation fans with regular offers on their PS Store and A new wave of sales involves more than 200 PS4 and PS5 games.

with a limit of 20 euros, games like Crash Bandiccot N Sane Trilogy reaches the 19,99 euros, being at 50% of its usual price, the same path that follows Spyro Reingnited Trilogy, which rises by the 13,99 euros, which means a 65% discount on your list price.

Bloodborne is another of the games that stands out in the list for being offered in 9,99 euros, Meanwhile he triple pack de Resident Evil 4,5 y 6 is positioned in the 19,99 euros and the initial trilogy of Uncharted, Nathan Drake Collection It is also offered at half price, and can be purchased for 9.99 euros.

Here we detail some of the most outstanding games on sale:

  • Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection for 9.99 euros (50% discount)
  • Resident Evil triple pack for 19.99 euros (50% discount)
  • Batman Arkham Knight for 12.99 euros (35% discount)
  • Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for 9.99 euros (75% discount)
  • Injustice 2 for 12.99 euros (35% discount)
  • Jack and Daxter Collection for 19.99 euros (50% discount)
  • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy for 19.99 euros (50% discount)
  • Spyro Reignited Trilogy for 13.99 euros (65% discount)
  • LEGO Marvel’s Avengers for 12.79 euros (68% discount)
  • Bloodborne for 9.99 euros (50% discount)

All offers and discounts are valid until September 29 and thus be able to face the arrival of spring with a new stock of video games under your belt.



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