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Protests on the verge of Kretschmer’s visit to Moscow

by drbyos

Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer spoke out in favor of a dialogue with Russia after his arrival in Moscow. “Saxony sees itself as a bridge from Germany to the East. Instead of speechlessness, the revival of the conversation from my point of view is sorely needed at all levels,” wrote the CDU politician on Wednesday evening on Twitter. He is planning talks on “Politics, Civil Society, Economy, Science and Culture” in Moscow.

Demonstrations in Moscow

After Kretschmer’s arrival, thousands of people demonstrated on Wednesday evening, according to MDR. “There was a huge demonstration last night. About 100,000 Russians were on the move, there was a huge contingent of police, said MDR culture editor Berger from Moscow. The German ambassador had warned not to leave the hotel on Red Square.” People did not hold any posters because the demonstration was not registered, but they chanted ‘freedom, freedom’. “Navalny’s supporters had already announced large protests beforehand.

Criticism of trip to Russia

In the run-up, there had been criticism of Kretschmer’s trip. The US consulate in Leipzig wrote on Twitter on Wednesday. “We should not tolerate or apologize for the dishonest behavior of Russia, whether it is disinformation, hacker attacks, the poisoning and detention of activists or the aggravation of regional conflicts,” the US consulate wrote in a retweet in which a “false one.” Time “of Kretschmer’s trip is the topic. “We have to make it clear to Russia that actions have consequences,” added the consulate.


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