Project Veritas unveils a new video by Jordon Walker (Pfizer): “I hope the mRNA does not persist in the body (…) Or the whole future generation (would be) super fucked up. Can you imagine the scandal?”

In a new video published on February 2, 2023 by the American conservative media Project Truth Dr. Jordon Walker, director of research and international development at Pfizer, filmed without his knowledge by an undercover journalist, delivers other information about messenger RNA vaccines. The side effects associated with the use of this technology, such as the disruption of menstrual cycles, raise questions within the pharmaceutical laboratory: “There’s something going on, but we still don’t understand it”, admits the Pfizer employee, who mentions the risk of the persistence of messenger RNA in the human body. As a result, an entire generation could be “super fucked up”, affirms the doctor, evoking the hypothesis of a potential scandal to come. Faced with the undercover journalist, he also develops his point about the research relating to the “oriented” mutations of the virus carried out by the industrial group – considered as a business model of the future – and the future applications of mRNA technology, particularly in oncology. FranceEvening added French subtitles to the video broadcast by Project Truthavailable below:


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