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Proclamation of the major falleras of Valencia 2022:

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Proclamation of the major falleras of Valencia
Biel Aliño / EFE.

Carmen Martín and Nerea López have been officially proclaimed this afternoon Greater falleras of Valencia 2022 by the mayor of the city Joan Ribó. In this way, they become the highest representatives of the Fallas de Valencia of the next year.

Around 19 in the afternoon, Carmen and Nerea have entered the hall of the hemicycle of the Valencia City Council to thus begin their reign as major falleras of Valencia.

The eldest child faller, Nerea López, was the first to make her speech, under the watchful eye of those present. The child representative of the party has confessed to feeling “touched by a magic wand”. In a clear reference to the time of the coronavirus pandemic in which the parties have not been able to celebrate normally, López has warned with a certain funny attitude to the “Falleros and falleras, we have returned.”

The speech of Carmen Martin, new major faller of Valencia, has been marked by the thanks to different members of the fallero collective. In this way, he has shown his gratitude to the previous representatives of the Josephine festivals, to whom he has recognized their work and effort as visible faces of the Fallas during the two years in which the festival has been interrupted by the covid-19 pandemic-. Carmen Martín has, of course, had words of gratitude for her family and commission to which she has recognized the support and connection with the party and its values.

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The most emotional moment of the act of Proclamation of the major falleras has been starred in the closing of the speech by Carmen Martín who has asked the falleros: “Get excited again because Valencia deserves a 2022 full of joy, of feeling for our Fallas, for our culture and tradition … because if there is a a place where everyone fits, that is the Fallas. ”

The mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, has shown his satisfaction that events such as the one of the Proclamation after the period of interruption of the Fallas. Ribó has recognized the role that the previous representatives of the festivals have played during this time.

“Today, probably more than ever, the Fallas need everyone, each one from their own life experience, but with an undeniable common denominator: love and affection for the party.”


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