Probability of rain while the change arrives

The weather in Valencia: probability of rain while the weather changes.
Francisco Calabuig

The weather in Valencia is about to change although we still have some days of muggy weather, clouds and high temperatures ahead of us. In fact, tomorrow it could rain on the capital of Túria and this afternoon in the south of the province, according to the prediction made by the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet). In any case, today everything indicates that at the beginning of next week the long-awaited change in weather will finally take place, which will leave rainfall in the ‘cap i casal’ and will bring about the long-awaited drop in temperatures.

Weather in Valencia today

According to him Weather forecast in Valencia today made by the Aemet, the day will have “cloudy intervals throughout the day” and there will be a “probability of showers in the south of the province in the afternoon.” In Valencia city, the sun will shine for the rest of the day, although in the late afternoon or early evening, the sky will be more covered and the clouds will even timidly threaten to discharge some water (there will be a 10% chance rain is recorded).

The threat of precipitation It will skyrocket tomorrow, Saturday, September 11, when “intervals of medium and high clouds with the probability of isolated showers during the afternoon” are announced. On the coast of the northern half of the province of Valencia, “in the early hours”, there will be a lot of cloudiness and a “probability of showers” that will tend to subside in the afternoon. Maximum temperatures will experience a small decrease.

The weather in Valencia city for today, according to the Aemet forecast.

In the capital of Túria, the probability of rain will rise to 40% and, despite the fact that the State Meteorological Agency considers that it will not rain, the possibility that the clouds will discharge exists and, therefore, some rains could be registered, even if they are light in nature.

On Sunday, September 12, the sun will shine again on the horizon in a generalized way in the province of Valencia, while on Monday the Change of time in Valencia which, in principle, will arrive next week.


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