Prince Harry harshly criticized for what he said about working

There is no day without controversy surrounding the prince harry. If it is not for his family relationships, it is for his public acts after leaving the royal family. This week, the youngest son of Diana and Prince Charles has come under fire for a claim about the job.

In a interview with the magazine Fast Company On the occasion of his new position as director of the mental health company Better Up, the Duke of Sussex noted that “many people around the world have been trapped in jobs that do not bring them joy.” In addition, he added that they were left in favor of their mental health was something to “celebrate” and that many should take into account. “Not all resignations with the covid are bad,” he said and explained that “it is a sign that with self-awareness the need for change arises.”

It should be remembered that Harry and Meghan left the British royal house in January 2020, thus renouncing their assignment to represent royalty. Since then, they have dedicated themselves to working with various brands in Los Angeles – where he lives in a $ 14 million mansion – giving numerous lectures and interviews, and also doing various productions with Netflix.

Since then, Harry has given several speeches highlighting mental health and the benefits of “breaking away” from the above. He even produced the documentary The me you can’t see on Apple +, where he and other celebrities talked about mental health.

The British press has not stopped when it comes to assessing Harry’s statements, which he has described as “unfortunate” and has charged harshly against him for the little vision he has of the reality that most people live. Even more so considering that many people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Specifically, the United Kingdom broke unemployment records that had not been seen since 2008.

“This guy really lives in the clouds. Sure, most people would love to leave a job they hate, but the reality is completely different. Perhaps our young prince should start using his brain more before he opens his mouth, ”noted Kieran Boyle, managing director of the HR company CKB Recruitment at DailyMail.

In this same medium, the royal biographer Angela Levin stressed that “Harry is completely disconnected from people.” “Not everyone has $ 30 million hidden in the bank. I wonder if he would give the same advice to people whose mental health worsens with their marriage, ”he added. “Shut up, Harry, please,” he concluded.

The Sun directly created a cartoon calling him Mr. Nosense (Mr. nonsense). “It’s okay for him to say this when he has the millions in his family to lean on. For the rest of us who have families to support, it just isn’t possible. We are all struggling to pay the bills, the mortgage and everything else, “said a bricklayer to The Sun.

The opinion leader The Express, Paul Baldwin, has also made clear its opinion regarding this statement. “Not since the heady, and indeed beheaded, days of Marie Antoinette had such useless class-based stupidity become so horribly apparent,” he noted in an article. In it he questions whether he is “really now so Americanized, so far removed from Britain that he doesn’t understand how utterly insulting his stupid outburst is.”


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