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Primetime, PR and Potential: Complaining in Women’s Football

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Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – TV broadcasts of the national team in the afternoon instead of primetime, too little media attention and thus viewers in the Bundesliga: there are many complaints about this in women’s football.

Everywhere the huge potential in popular sport number one – beyond men – is emphasized by the protagonists. But you can only really move forward in small steps. The 2016 World Cup qualifying game against Turkey in Braunschweig this Friday will kick off at 4 p.m. (live on ZDF) – in front of around 3,000 fans.

With a view to the only moderately attended games of the German clubs in the Champions League and in the league, coach Tommy Stroot from VfL Wolfsburg is alarmed. “It’s a huge challenge,” said Stroot, also referring to his team’s recent games against Juventus Turin: More than 12,000 fans were away in the stadium, only 1,725 ​​at home. “That does something to the players or to potential new players from abroad who are faced with the question: where am I going?” Said the 32-year-old. “It is not just us as a club, but the entire DFB that is challenged to develop marketing strategies or event factors.”

Künzer criticism

However, the Champions League games are shown on DAZN and Youtube, the matches in the league recently all on Magenta Sport. The women in handball or volleyball would be really happy about something like that and the regular broadcasts of the international matches on ARD or ZDF.

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At ARD, sports coordinator Axel Balkausky was recently “a bit surprised” when, of all people, the in-house expert Nia Künzer pulled off the leather live. “We can’t always just talk about the fact that women’s football has to develop further (…). There are a lot of players involved, and I have to mention the ARD: National team games should be broadcast live – at a reasonable time, ”said the ex-world champion in the 7-0 victory of the DFB soccer players against Israel at the end of October.

The criticism from national team circles also goes as follows: Normal employees can hardly go to the stadium during the week at this time – if they do not take vacation for it. The last time in Essen was 1814 fans lost in the stands. National coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg has repeatedly expressed her displeasure with the early kick-off times, once with a sigh: “As Chancellor, I might have an influence on this issue.”

Lighthouse games planned

The German Football Association, which has a contract until 2023 for the home games of the DFB selection on ARD and ZDF, says: They are working on accommodating at least two or three lighthouse games a year at prime time. The sports editorial team did not have a free choice when looking for a slot, but said ARD sports director Axel Balkausky of the German press agency. “Appointments are a complex topic and different interests have to be taken into account. We don’t get into the program every time. “ZDF sports director Thomas Fuhrmann explained:” We have the task of showing the diversity of sport, not promoting individual sports. “

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Balkausky also believes that international matches for women soccer players would not find enough viewers in prime time: “This only works for major events.” The figures are quite clear: At the 2019 World Cup, the games of the DFB women attracted an average of 6.215 million people TV screen and ensured a market share of 35.6 percent. In the game against Israel, however, the ARD recorded only 1.136 million viewers (9.0 percent market share).

“A lot has changed in recent years. Women’s football has become much more professional. But we still have a lot of room for improvement, especially in terms of reporting and TV presence, ”said national player Melanie Leupolz from Chelsea FC. “It’s a bike that you have to push. You have to invest a lot and little comes back at first. But it’s worth it.”

Few fans at the top game

The top French game Olympique Lyon – Paris Saint-Germain recently had more than 10,000 fans, the Bundesliga hit Bayern – Wolfsburg less than 2000. This game on a weekend without the men’s Bundesliga would be ideal for a vision that is circulating in the scene: As a highlight game in the Allianz Arena, which you fill with the PR options of an FC Bayern with a long lead-time.

Spain’s women’s football has done something like this before – in 2019 with the world record backdrop of 60,739 visitors at Atlético Madrid against FC Barcelona. And in Germany? During a men’s Bundesliga game, the fans of SC Freiburg advertised that they would come to the Freiburg women’s cup against Wolfsburg on November 1st – after all, 3100 fans created a good mood.

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Kellermann warns

But otherwise? In the league, Eintracht Frankfurt leads the audience table with an average of 1185 fans, the German champions from Munich rarely welcomes more than 1000 on the Bayern campus. “We are lagging behind France, Italy and Spain, are at the bottom,” said Wolfsburgs Sports director Ralf Kellermann and warned: “We have to be careful not to lose touch.”

In the English Women Super League, according to the British association the “best league in the world”, there are currently around 2000 fans on average – with a PR offensive you want to have an average of 6000 fans by 2024. The EM next year could trigger the boost on the island that never existed in the Bundesliga despite all the DFB women’s titles: the stadiums should be full at the final tournament.

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