Primary motor education competition, how to fill out the application – VIDEO TUTORIAL

Primary motor education competition, how to fill out the application – VIDEO TUTORIAL

It was released on Monday, August 7, as we wrotethe eagerly awaited announcement of the competition for primary school physical education teachers. There will be time until 11.59 pm on 6 September to participate.

On the video all the information necessary to fill out the application step by step, by prof Lucio stay.

“With this competition we are strengthening the teaching of motor education and continuing the path begun with the reintroduction of the Youth Games: making physical activity and sport central to schools for all ages. Because sporting activity is not only important for the health of children, but it conveys all the values ​​that the school must teach, such as loyalty, respect for the rules, the ability to sacrifice and work as a team”, declared the Minister of ‘Education and Merit Joseph Vallettara.

The competition is announced on a national basis and organized on a regional basis. Applications to participate can only be forwarded onlineon the single recruitment portal 9.00 on 8 August 2023 to 23.59 on 6 September 2023.

The USR is responsible for carrying out the entire competition procedure and provides for the certification of the relative qualification.

Here is the regional breakdown of seats:

Region Number of places
Abruzzo 33
Basilicata 4
Calabria 34
Campania 175
Emilia Romagna 151
Friuli Venezia Giulia 36
Lazio 183
Liguria 27
Lombardy 350
Marche 37
Molise 2
Piedmont 116
Puglia 122
Sardinia 31
Sicily 134
Tuscany 101
Umbria 24
Veneto 180
TOTAL 1.740


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