Prilly (Vd) – Municipalities worried about funding for the Malley Sports Center


During the general assembly on Wednesday evening, Samira Marquis was elected to succeed Jean-Jacques Schilt. As for the 2022 budget contested by eight municipalities, it was accepted by the majority of shareholders present.


Frédéric Nejad Toulami

After a career in luxury watchmaking, Samira Marquis chairs the board of directors of CSM SA.


For his last presidency of the general assembly of the Malley Sports Center (CSM), Wednesday evening, Jean-Jacques Schilt had to face questions from the dissatisfied representatives of certain shareholder municipalities. In question, an invoice received for 2022, higher than envisaged in the agreement, due to an increase in expenses.

The requests for explanations first came from Romanel-sur-Lausanne and Cugy, who must justify these additional expenses to their respective local parliaments. The outgoing chairman of the board of directors first explained it with the upward indexation due to a probable increase in the population in recent years, as well as the compulsory depreciation to be carried out for the vast ongoing construction of swimming pools.

Critical questions from eight shareholder municipalities

But, when a cross shot of similar grievances came from the municipalities of Paudex, Pully and Lutry, with the warning that they will refuse the 2022 budget at the time of the vote, it is the trustee of Prilly and vice-chairman of the council of administration, Alain Gilliéron, who went to the front. “I understand you if you think you are paying a lot. But this is not commensurate with what the cities of Lausanne, Renens and Prilly pay, per capita. And it is also these same three cities that must assume any debts and deficits. So, let’s find together a procedural solution and be proud of the Vaudoise arena ”, he thundered, before asking“ these municipalities in eastern Lausanne ”, implied rich, to be“ good players ”and “Without suspicion”.

The financial burden of compulsory amortization

Unfortunately for him, the representatives of Mont-sur-Lausanne, Saint-Sulpice and Jouxtens-Mézery then also wanted to obtain explanations on these increases in costs in the budget. Jean-Jacques Schilt insisted on the financial weight of the obligatory depreciation to be made according to the law on SA, and which will still hurt the next two or three years … At the time of the vote, the 2022 budget was still accepted by 26 shareholders, against 5 no and 3 abstentions.

New women on the board

At the time of the renewal of the board of directors, Samira Marquis was elected to succeed Jean-Jacques Schilt. She has notably made a career in luxury watchmaking. As for the new Lausanne municipal councilor Émilie Moeschler, she succeeds Oscar Tosato.


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