Prey is free for PC, one of the best games in years

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Free game alert! Prey is one of the most interesting games that has come out in recent years, created by a studio known for experimenting and creating different action and FPS titles, responsible for titles like Dishonored and the recent and spectacular Deathloop. Now his 2017 hit is available for free for a limited time.

In Prey humanity has managed to colonize space, through space stations around the Earth and the Moon, among others. In the vacuum of space, investigators encounter a hostile alien force, and of course, things go awry. The game is a mix of action, stealth, RPG and exploration in an open world inside the space station; the idea is to get out of there alive, gaining alien-like abilities and powers in the process.

As is usually the tradition in Arkane games, the most interesting thing about Prey It is not only its story or its setting, but also its mechanics and the unique or different things that can be done in the games of this development studio. If you like me Dishonored, Deathloop or you are simply looking for a different and interesting game with fascinating sci-fi elements, don’t miss out.

you can download for free Prey para PC in this link on the Epic Games Store. In addition, they are also freely availabletuita Jotun: Valhalla Edition y Redout: Enhanced Edition. The offer ends on May 19. [[Epic Games]


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