Preventing DHF, Kadinkes Invites People to Apply 4M Plus –

TANGERANG CITY – Head of Tangerang City Health Office (Kadinkes), dr.Dini Anggraeni invites the public to prevent Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) by implementing the 4 M Plus behavior.

4M plus, which is draining water reservoirs at least once a week, burying used items that can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, closing water reservoirs so they don’t become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, and monitoring larvae regularly.

“Mosquitoes like warm places, now when it rains, the mother mosquitoes will breed. We have to keep the environment clean, the way is 4M plus, “said dr.Dini, Wednesday (8/12).

DHF sufferers, said dr.Dini, have increased since October 2021, there were as many as 27 cases. For this reason, he appealed to the community to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep the environment around them.


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