Home News Pretty girl frightened again asks the police to check ‘outstanding Phum’ for HIV Unfolded when the act was never prevented

Pretty girl frightened again asks the police to check ‘outstanding Phum’ for HIV Unfolded when the act was never prevented

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Pretty girl shocked again asks the police to be tested for ‘Den Phum’ for HIV Unfolded when the act was never prevented Not wearing a condom Police prepare a meeting to discuss

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From the case of many pretty girls Notified the prosecution against Mr. Denphum or Denwattanachotipinyo, age 39, a native of Nonthaburi province, who pretended to be a model. Bisexual Contact hiring to go to entertainment to brew liquor for customers according to a party in a private room. The victim believed it was using a knife to hijack drugs, stealth and molestation, ready to shoot a clip before escaping. The incident occurred in many areas. Before being arrested by the sheriff and also denied Claiming the victim.

For progress on May 12, 64, Miss Ping, 27, a Pretty girl, one of the victims, revealed that after the police arrested Mr. Denphoom. He was able to trust in safety to a certain extent. But still concerned is the physical examination and disease examination results from the forensic medicine at Siriraj Hospital, initially known to be negative both HIV and AIDS. And other venereal diseases However, for HIV infection. Doctors make an appointment for another examination in the next 3 months because the incubation period is quite long and does not take the same time for each individual.

Therefore, the results of all the victims’ tests will now come out the same with the HIV results. That no one can count on Therefore would like the police to help carry out the venereal disease and HIV testing This accused before being sent to the detention of the court. Because they believed that apart from themselves, there were also many other victims of the same concern.

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Pol. Col. Nakarin Sukontwitra, Chief of Staff N.A. 9, said the police were not complacent. Because they are well aware of the HIV infection May create long-term problems for victims by on May 13 at 10:30 am at the Metropolitan Police Headquarters There will be a meeting to solve the case of 3 police stations, consisting of Bang Khun Thian Police Station, Prachachuen Police Station, and Boramongkol Police Station to monitor the progress of the work. And set guidelines for prosecution

He will bring this matter. Proposed at the meeting that In addition to the DNA test and the detection of COVID-19 He agreed to be tested for venereal disease and HIV this suspect as well. Due to the behavior of the victim against each victim They testified that Not wearing a condom Importantly, the incubation period for HIV infection takes longer to be detected. And each person has different time required to confirm the result.

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