“Presidential communication and internal quarrels: Now is the time to get to the point …”

Dear comrades: Now is the time to get down to the essentials

If there is a note to be given to the Government of Senegal with regard to social demand, in particular with regard to the drop in the prices of basic products and services, we can retain this one: to be encouraged. Indeed, for more than a year, the Head of State has been tearing his hair out to overcome the soaring prices of staple foods. The proof, if need be, is that not a Wednesday goes by without the issue being raised at the table of the Council of Ministers and since then a host of effective measures have followed.

Let us recall during the recent meeting of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday, September 1, 2021, the strong measures it took and which made it possible to ensure the fall in the prices of foodstuffs and basic necessities. The state has given up 47 billion in revenue to support the purchasing power of the populations. Thus, it suspended the cyclical export tax (TCI) on imported crystallized sugar, lowered the import adjustment tax from 10 to 5% on imported crude oils and maintained the VAT at 0% on rice. The customs duties on wheat have also been suspended and a rate of 0% VAT will be applied to wheat flour.

President Macky Sall further assured that the sustained improvement of the living conditions of our fellow citizens remains a major priority of his action. It thus requires the government to mobilize all the State services involved in the supply circuit, in order to fight against fraud, speculation and the retention of stocks intended for marketing.

Today the social demand is there, so we have to take concrete action, we will have to explain and reassure the population. The relatives of President Macky Sall must communicate on major actions. For example, the reaction and rapid control of President Macky Sall on the controversy over basic foodstuffs that hit the headlines during this month. Also we did not hear his relatives communicate (at least, not enough) for example, on the reduction of taxes which concerns a large part of the population. If we take action, however positive it may be, and we do not explain it to the targets, it does not work. Communication must enhance the actions of the government, without falling into demagoguery, but be truthful.

Why not remind our compatriots what is being done today with Air Senegal? The latter opened as promised on September 2 its new line starting from Dakar its hub and connecting the cities of North America: New York and Washington. A feat, recognize all the observers, many of whom are now convinced of the ambition of this young company which is deployed every day and is positioned in prestige in the big leagues. After having conquered the African and then European skies, here is Air Senegal by means of its Airbus A330 900neo called “Casamance” which dazzles the American sky. This delighted the 258 passengers who had the privilege of inaugurating this historic line.

Their joy, spontaneously demonstrated by heavy applause, when the aircraft set foot on American soil, is palpable proof of this. This, especially after a quiet trip, marked by comfort and safety widely appreciated.

The plane then headed for Washington where it received a “water salute” sign of a warm welcome to American soil. A feat that bodes well for tourism for the Senegal destination.

President Macky Sall today needs cohesion behind him, but that our comrades silence their internal quarrels to allow the Alliance for the Republic (APR) and its allies of the great presidential majority to win the majority of the 557 communes of the Senegal during the next municipal elections scheduled for January 2022, to the chagrin of the motley coalition “YEEWI SEN BOPP” whose members are pseudo-anti-system people, people who have lived in the system and others who have not. political bases, but only their receipt, the television sets and their “WhatsApp” groups. It is a stillborn coalition with its leadership and ego squabbles. Their program, which revolves around “Everything except Macky” will not survive the municipal elections. They have the wrong opponent, especially since President Macky Sall is not a candidate in local elections. It is in the time of the action, but not in the time of “YEEW”, of “YEEWI” and tutti quanti.

So dear comrades, let us cultivate peace and good cohabitation because it is time to “silence the internal quarrels” at the level of the RPA to better understand the local elections with “lucidity” and “method”.

* Sheikh Ahmed Tidiane Mbaye
Bank Executive
Human resources specialist
Manager at the National at the Civil Rights Museum (United States)
Founding member of the Alliance for the Republic (APR) – Memphis (United States)


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