Presidential: Christiane Taubira “plans to be a candidate”

“It is the will to take hold of our lives and open a common path” which pushes the former Minister of Justice to align himself with the starting line of the many contenders for the presidency of the Republic.

On the left, applications are therefore accumulating a little more, to such an extent that the idea of ​​a primary is gaining ground. A wish launched by the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo whose electoral campaign does not take off.

Christiane Taubira took care to announce, on Thursday, to her friends who were already presidential candidates that she was going to speak this Friday. In this three-minute video, she also welcomed candidates “of people of great value, for whom I have respect and friendship “, all in “noticing the dead end”. Reason for which she considers to be the recourse. “I have always said that I would take my responsibility, that is why I am considering being a candidate for the presidency of the French Republic.”

Despite this desire to go alone, the Guyanese immediately moderated her remarks by not closing the door to a gathering of leftist forces. “I would put all my strength into the last chances of the union”, she thus promised by setting herself as a deadline in mid-January to make up her mind.

In 2002, during her first attempt in the race for the Elysee Palace, she won 2.32% of the vote as a candidate for the Radical Left Party.



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