President of the Goethe University: More cooperation in Rhine-Main

The President of the Frankfurt Goethe University, who has been in office since the beginning of 2021, would like to lead Hesse’s largest university into the circle of elite universities – if possible in concert with the network partners of the Rhine-Main universities in Darmstadt and Mainz. “A cosmopolitan city needs an excellent university,” said Prof. Enrico Schleiff of the German Press Agency.

To this end, Schleiff would like to intensify its cooperation with strong research partners. Frankfurt has an extraordinary density of non-university research institutions, such as the Leibniz Association, Helmholtz Association, Max Planck Society and the Fraunhofer Society. “The university needs cooperation partners.”

Schleiff also wants to better support young scientists. They should be able to work more independently, submit their own applications for funding and form their own networks. It is also important to Schleiff that it is clear to young researchers what career prospects there are, which positions can be reached and which qualifications are required for this. In the future there will be a clearly defined framework and “more transparency”.

The next round of the Excellence Strategy is planned for 2024, the call for tenders will run from the end of 2022, “but work has already started,” said Schleiff. The federal and state governments support outstanding universities with large sums of money. In the last round, the Goethe University did not do well, Schleiff’s predecessor Birgitta Wolff spoke of a “low blow”. Schleiff is certain: “We belong in this league.”



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