Pre-season rewards with loan icon for FIFA 22

EA SPORTS has opened the second week of the pre-season promo in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team (FUT), and the new FIFA 22 Rewards also include a loan icon.

“The last chance to secure an early start for FUT 22 is this week of the pre-season”, the developer writes punctually at 7 pm on Friday evening (03.09.) On Twitter. This also confirms that the promo will end after the second week and EA SPORTS then completely focuses on the upcoming offshoot. Until then, however, a few rewards for FIFA 22 will be delivered: A FUT 22 player loan pack, the a base icon, an 86-90 loan player selection and an 84-88 loan player selection can be unlocked – the objects are each available for five matches.

In addition, EA SPORTS also gives for successful completion of the tasks FUT 22-Positionsspieler-Packs with a rare 80+ forward, a rare 80+ midfielder, and a rare 80+ defender. The pre-season bonuses, which are supposed to provide a starting advantage for the upcoming title, are exchangeable and available from October 1st by simply logging into FUT 22. The rewards are to be distributed by October 12th and must be claimed by registration by November 12th. In addition to the new FIFA 22 content, the developer has also published Cristiano Ronaldo (99) via SBC – as a United player.

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