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“I said that a wrong austerity policy is being pursued, which has a negative impact on economic activity and thus on society as a whole, and that this will undoubtedly have consequences for the elections,” wrote the former head of state (2007-2015) on her website. “I have always told the President that I am concerned about the tense social situation.”

Reason for Kirchner’s fire letter: The left government coalition Frente de Todos (Front Alle) suffered a heavy defeat in the primary elections last Sunday. The primaries for the parliamentary elections on November 14 are considered a test of sentiment for the government. After the election failure, a bitter power struggle broke out in the governing coalition between the supporters of President Fernández and the followers of ex-head of state Kirchner.

Several ministers want to go

Five ministers from Kirchner’s circle offered to resign, triggering the government crisis. With the move you apparently wanted to force a broader cabinet reshuffle. Head of State Fernández countered: “The government will develop at my discretion. This is what I was elected for,” he wrote on Twitter.

Fernández added: “This is not the time to fight the disputes that are causing us to lose our way”. He was clearly against Cristina Kirchner. So far, the Vice President was considered to be the real puller in the Argentine government.

Inflation is staggering

Argentina is in a serious economic crisis: the inflation rate is around 50 percent, the national currency peso is falling more and more against the dollar. In the once rich country, 42 percent of the people now live below the poverty line. Problems with the procurement of corona vaccine and private celebrations during the quarantine in the presidential palace had also recently brought the government into criticism.

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